Hairmoss Capsule Bag

Photos by Annie MacDonald, AIM Photography, Applecross

Hairmoss (Polytrichum commune) grows abundantly on the west coast of Scotland where I live. Plaiting the moss a strand at a time creates a rust-coloured tweedy side, and a bright green “Astro-Turf” element. 

The plaits are stitched together tightly with waxed linen to form a bag. 

This is a robust material: the archaeological record includes a hairmoss plait discovered in Ayrshire that dates from 585–630 AD. 

In this bag, made for "Basketry: Function and Ornament", I wanted to enclose a small, calm, mossy space. 

In a recent BBC Radio 4 programme, "The Voices of Alison Goldfrapp", the singer talks about being "ballsy and brash and also very introspective and thoughtful and quiet". If "Dark Tendril Bag" is the brash side of my basketry, then "Hairmoss Capsule Bag" is the more introspective, quiet aspect!

Hairmoss (Polytrichum commune), plaited and stitched with waxed linen.

31cm x 15cm x 13cm

Where can I see "Hairmoss Capsule Bag"?

This bag was on show as part of "Rock Paper Scissors", Houghton Hall, Norfolk; sorry, now sold!

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