1. Craft Scotland — Compass: Emerging Maker Programme 2019

    Date 26 Jan 2019
    I am delighted to be one of the eight designer makers selected for the Craft Scotland Compass Emerging Maker Programme that starts in March 2019. I am thoroughly looking forward to meeting the other people on the programme — ceramicists, jewellers, a furniture maker…  Meet the Compass 2019 makers… 2019 looks set to be an…

  2. “A Bag for Isobel” photographed by Anna Deacon

    Date 07 Nov 2018
    When I make something in a byre in Applecross, it is sometimes difficult to know how it will look in the location it’s destined for. In this case, “A Bag for Isobel” was going from cow byre to castle…  Luckily for me, it was photographed in situ, by lovely Anna Deacon. I’m…

  3. “A Bag for Isobel”

    Date 29 Oct 2018
    “A Bag for Isobel” is part of the Isobel Wylie Hutchison Collection, a Craft Design House collaboration exclusive to Carlowrie Castle: It is made of hairmoss (Polytrichum commune), plaited and stitched with waxed linen. All photos taken by the very talented Anna Deacon:

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