1. Next stop, Nova Scotia!

    14 Sep 2019
    I am lucky enough to have been chosen as one of four makers from Scotland for Applied Arts Scotland’s “Shift Canada” programme. In the words of AAS “Applied Arts Scotland (AAS) and Nova Scotia College of Art and Design (NSCAD): Shift Canada 2019/20, an exchange programme bringing together Scottish and…

  2. Bags, Bottles & Baskets

    13 Jun 2019
    The poster… “Sarah Paramor: Bags, Bottles & Baskets” is all set up at Inverness Museum! The museum is always worth a visit. It has lots of treasures (my particular favourites being the Gaelic Bible, the witchstones, and the Bernera Goddess…), and now you can see some of my basketry bags,…

  3. Basketry: Function and Ornament

    13 May 2019
    Basketry: Function & Ornament  I am thrilled to be included in a wonderful survey of contemporary basketry taking place later this year. What a line-up to be part of!  The description below is on the Ruthin Craft Centre website. Annie MacDonald’s image of my “Dark Tendril Bag” being used to…

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