26th January 2024 to 16th March 2024

"Planting Ideas", St Barbe Museum, Lymington, Hampshire

"A Bag for Isobel" is part of this exhibition.

Planting Ideas leads visitors on a journey through the stages in creating an Herbarium, introducing contemporary art inspired by science and botany. The exhibition looks at historic practices in preserving and presenting plant species and shows how these techniques inspire artists today.

It explores plant collecting, pressing and drying, mounting and arranging, preservation, recording, illustration and economic botany. Each of these themes is illustrated by artefacts on loan and from St Barbe’s collection. They are embellished by contemporary artworks including a basket by Catherine Beaumont, cyanotypes by Angela Chalmers, road dust prints by Edward Chell, embroidery by Amanda Cobbett, Lynn Comley’s felt and embroidered textiles, Caroline Dear’s moss construction, Joe Horner’s photography, Stef Mitchell’s monotypes, Sarah Morrish’s botanical illustrations, Sarah Paramor’s moss bag and Helen Thomas’s paintings.

The exhibition not only wishes to entertain and delight but also to educate about botany in the New Forest by featuring the work of locally based botanical artists exploring plants found locally and likely to be affected by climate change. Other highlights include books by Anna Atkins and Henry Smith from the Linnean Society collection, Hampshire-based herbarium sheets from Hampshire Cultural Trust and Sven Berlin’s New Forest painting Gypsies Sorting Flowers on loan from a private collection.

At the heart of Planting Ideas is a celebration of plants and nature, highlighting the beauty of flora found in the New Forest and encouraging all generations to appreciate the magical world of plants. The exhibition is curated by Sherry Doyal, a maker, artist and teacher who has also worked as a conservator with both natural science and history collections.'


25th September 2021 to 9th January 2022

“Basketry: Rhythm, Renewal & Reinvention”, Ruthin Craft Centre, Denbighshire

‘The exhibition Basketry: Rhythm, Renewal & Reinvention is a visual slice across contemporary UK basket making. There are some 35 maker’s work spilling over all three galleries at Ruthin Craft Centre. The exhibition shows what is being made today – and by whom – across basketry’s beautiful variety of shapes, materials and weaves.’

Lisa Atkin, Ewen Balfour, Rachel Bower, Hilary Burns,
Mary Butcher, Mandy Coates, Mary Crabb, Colette Davies,
Alison Dickens, Ecolistic Artworks: Tina Cunningham,
Rosie Farey, Kevin Gauld, Josey Goodin, Charlie Groves,
Dalila Hamiche, Tim Johnson, Geraldine Jones, Owen Jones,
Annette Mills, Sue Morgan, Annemarie O’Sullivan, Sarah Paramor,
Polly Pollock, Clare Revera, Pip Rice, Patrizia Sascour,
Judy Simmonds, Lorna Singleton, Rachael South, Lousie Tucker,
Lois Walpole, Lucy Williams, John Williamson,
Willow with Roots: Jenny Crisp & Isabelle Wilkes

19 May to 26 September 2021

"Rock Paper Scissors", Houghton Hall, Norfolk

Art & Objects Produced with their Making in Mind

"Rock, Paper, Scissors includes artists and makers who like to surprise us with the outcome of their creative intent, choice of material and dexterity of fabrication. Technical ability has played a subsidiary role in the production and appreciation of art in recent decades, as more conceptual work has been the main focus of artistic activity in contemporary collections and exhibitions in museums, galleries around the world. C&C’s exhibition includes creatives who have developed their work against this prevailing direction. The title Rock, Paper, Scissors refers to the childhood game of chance where material properties prescribe the outcome of each playful exchange between two players, with the material choice made by one player winning the point.

Knowledge of material and process has been the point of departure for many of the artists and makers C&C works with today. They have accumulated a wellspring of personal insight and experience in manipulating a range of natural and manmade materials coaxing their creative ideas into being. Carved stone bowls, precise single sheet paper cuts, collages, poured abstract paintings, welded and hand-cast sculptures, tactile turned vessels and hand-hewn wooden platters reveal their material origins through each stage of the creative process. Each exhibit shows the alchemy that can occur between creative intent, material choice and dexterous fabrication."

To view works on show (and on sale) in Rock Paper Scissors, see my Contemporary & Country page

"Meet Make Collaborate", The Barn, Banchory, Aberdeenshire til 6 November 2021

A touring exhibition of new works created by craft makers participating in the Applied Arts Scotland International Exchanges Project. See Shoes for Mary for more about my collaborative piece with weaver Jennifer Green.


6 September 2019 to 5 January 2020


Galeri Caernarfon

"Tir", meaning land, in the Cywrain’ space showcases a variety of makers from Wales, Ireland, and Scotland whose work is influenced by the material of the land or by its form, movement and colour.


Aisling McElwain; Bethan Corin; Claire Cawte; Dave Evans; Elin Crowley; Ellen Thorpe; Emma Smith; Ffion Gwyn; Gail Kelly; Helen Williams; Kirsti Brown; Rosie Farey; Rhiannon Gwyn; Sarah Paramor; Verity Pulford; Woolly Mammoth Fabric


20 July to 13 October 2019

Basketry: Function & Ornament 

Ruthin Craft Centre, Gallery 1 & 3

Lise Bech, Dail Behennah, Mary Butcher, Mandy Coates, John Cowan, Mary Crabb, Jane Crisp, Jenny Crisp, Alison Dickens, Laura Ellen Bacon, Lizzie Farey, Rosie Farey, Eddie Glew, Charlie Groves, Stella Harding, Joe Hogan, Peter Howcroft, Tim Johnson, Anna King, Rachel Max, Annemarie O’Sullivan, Sarah Paramor, Dominic Parette, Polly Pollock, Ruth Pybus & David Brown, Clare Revera, Caroline Sharp, Lorna Singleton, Maggie Smith, Lois Walpole

A truly ancient craft, Basketry still adheres to its basic principles and methods of construction, albeit in myriad forms. Contemporary practitioners combine materials and techniques, using both traditional and modern ways of making to spectacular effect. Basketry: Function & Ornament looks at current practice of some thirty makers from throughout the UK. It brings together functional vernacular work from various parts of the country, alongside pieces that are sculptural and ornamental. It is a survey of a craft that has been somewhat sidelined in times of great technological advances, yet offers a sustainable answer to so much of our modern day throw-away habits.

Curated by Gregory Parsons.

"Bags, Bottles & Baskets" – solo show

Inverness Museum and Gallery, Scotland: Foyer Gallery

 15 June to 3 August 2019 (now finished)

Description, courtesy of Inverness Museum:

In this collection Sarah Paramor explores materials that inspire her — everything from corsetry boning to tape measures, moss to maps — making unconventionalbags, bottle-covers and baskets fit for the runway. 

Listing on Craft Scotland website 

This project has been supported by a Highland Visual Artist & Craft Maker Award.

Worshipful Company of Basketmakers 450th Anniversary Trade Fair: "Basketry: Weaving the Circle of Life"

The Old Library at Guildhall
Tuesday 19th February 2019

This was a wonderful celebration of basketry, with an extraordinary collection of varied baskets in one room! 

Sarah exhibited work in two materials (hairmoss and corsetry boning) on two stands:

Basketmakers' Dozen 

Scottish Basketmakers' Circle 

Isobel Wylie Hutchison Collection

October 2018, Carlowrie Castle, Scotland

“A Bag for Isobel”, a plaited hairmoss bag, is part of this Craft Design House collaboration,  exclusive to Carlowrie Castle, @carlowrie_castle . Photo by Anna Deacon Photography 

For more information, visit the Carlowrie Castle website

Woven Together: Scottish Basketmakers Circle Exhibition

April 2018, Touring Scotland

“Crow’s Feather Basket” touring as part of this 2018 exhibition to celebrate 30 years of the SBC.

Knitting and Stitching Spring 2018

March 2018, Olympia, London

“Variations on a Flamingo” and “Crow’s Feather Basket” chosen for inclusion on the City Lit “Making” stand.

Inspired By... 

May 2016, Morley Gallery, London

“Variations on a Flamingo” was chosen for inclusion in this exhibition of work inspired by items in the V&A’s collection.

See more in the Inspired By catalogue.

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