Hats, hats, hats

For some reason, I get to do lots of hat-related things. I have met some fantastic milliners and makers of hats, and I even made a “scythe crown” that ended up being eaten by a goat…

In celebration of basketry hats…

Edie Obilaso of And They Loved Hats and I try to figure out the “Cartwheel” hat, ably assisted by our basketry-artist-maths guru Jen Cable

Scythe Crown, worn by the goat moments before she ate it…

Cane on the catwalk… Chromed hat by Noel Stewart, as featured by hoodlondon.com

Rush on the runway… Rush hat by Noel Stewart on the cover of Vogue China

Inside of a coconut palm hat made under the careful tutelage of Stephen in Barbados

The finished coconut palm hat

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