Basketry: Function and Ornament

Basketry: Function & Ornament 

I am thrilled to be included in a wonderful survey of contemporary basketry taking place later this year.

What a line-up to be part of! 

The description below is on the Ruthin Craft Centre website.

Annie MacDonald’s image of my “Dark Tendril Bag” being used to advertise the show.

Basketry: Function & Ornament

20 July – 13 October 2019

Gallery 1 & 3, Ruthin Craft Centre, Ruthin, Denbighshire

Lise Bech, Dail Behennah, Mary Butcher, Mandy Coates, John Cowan, Mary Crabb, Jane Crisp, Jenny Crisp, Alison Dickens, Laura Ellen Bacon, Lizzie Farey, Rosie Farey, Eddie Glew, Charlie Groves, Stella Harding, Joe Hogan, Peter Howcroft, Tim Johnson, Anna King, Annemarie O’Sullivan, Sarah Paramor, Dominic Parette, Polly Pollock, Ruth Pybus & David Brown, Clare Revera, Caroline Sharp, Lorna Singleton, Maggie Smith, Lois Walpole

A truly ancient craft, Basketry still adheres to its basic principles and methods of construction, albeit in myriad forms. Contemporary practitioners combine materials and techniques, using both traditional and modern ways of making to spectacular effect. Basketry: Function & Ornament looks at current practice of some thirty makers from throughout the UK. It brings together functional vernacular work from various parts of the country, alongside pieces that are sculptural and ornamental. It is a survey of a craft that has been somewhat sidelined in times of great technological advances, yet offers a sustainable answer to so much of our modern day throw-away habits.

Curated by Gregory Parsons.

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