1. My dad liked maps…

    2018-01-08 19:07:51 UTC
    When my dad died, I inherited lots of maps. Sadly, I have terrible mapreading skills, so I have been putting them to other use… Baskets, beasties, bottles and boxes… The exploration continues.

  2. Basketmakers’ Dozen

    2017-08-27 18:52:33 UTC
    Our Basketmakers’ Dozen show was held in London’s Craft Central in July 2017. Twelve basketmakers, multiple materials (everything from washing line to hairmoss, via cane, willow and rush), and lots of fun! Thank you to everyone who came, and thank you for all the nice comments. This is a club…

  3. Corsetry boning (aka her dark materials)

    2017-07-01 20:52:00 UTC
    Thanks to a friend in fashion, I was introduced to what seemed an unlikely material for basketry. This is what happens when you apply traditional basketry techniques to corsetry boning… Close-up Crow’s Feather Bag Close-up Crow’s Feather Bag Crow’s Feather Bag

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