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The Solent ("Off the Map" collection)

£245.00 GBP

Ordnance Survey maps have a wonderful texture, which one collector described as "like suede". These unique pieces are made by cutting and folding strips of map, then bias-plaiting them using a traditional technique.

They show the beauty of the Ordnance Survey map in the abstract. The names, the colours, the symbols and indicators, the sea, the land, the forests and woodlands, the streets and landmarks...

Bias plaiting is a traditional technique that is used across the world, for example for birch bark baskets in Scandinavia, and coconut-palm hats and bowls in the Caribbean.

The Solent  

11cm x 24cm x 12cm 

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For more about the "Off the Map" series, see the "Off the Map" page.  

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