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Sea Frond Bag

£249.00 GBP

The fronds of this bag have an ethereal way of moving in the breeze, making it appear to have a life of its own.

Inspired by the structure of shells, and images of sea urchins, this unique bag is hand-made using a traditional spiral plaiting technique used in Spain to create snail-keeping baskets. The material is a stiffening material used in millinery, a polyester fibre tubing, which is light as a feather, hence its tendency to move as you walk!

This is a small bag, suitable for stashing a phone, lipstick etc. It's a joy to use, and definitely more style than practicality! Perfect for an evening out, or for a wedding perhaps -- who needs a hat when your bag will make this much of a statement!

FREE POSTAGE & PACKING to UK addresses; for anywhere outside the UK please contact me before ordering and I will work out shipping cost for a particular item. I'm afraid I can't guarantee next-day delivery in the UK as our rural post office is open only certain days of the week (and our Highland post takes an extra day), but items will be sent Special Delivery and posted out within the week.

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