Sanctuary: A’ Chomraich

Photos by Annie MacDonald

A’ Chromaich means “The Sanctuary” and is the Gaelic name for Applecross, the peninsula on the west coast of Scotland where Sarah Paramor lives and works. And there, in her basketry shed, tucked into a plait of rush, a wren created a mossy place of safety in which to lay eggs and raise chicks. Inspired by the wren’s nest, “Sanctuary” is made from local hairmoss (Polytrichum commune), and created using netting, a traditional skill that the fishermen of Applecross continue to employ to mend their nets. “Sanctuary” celebrates the haven that is Applecross and its community, and the blue-eyed boatman who kindly took the time to demonstrate netting. 

Where can I see "Sanctuary"?

- "Basketry: Rhythm, Renewal & Reinvention",  Ruthin Craft Centre, 25 September 2021 to 9 January 2022

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