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Llŷn, Land and Sea ("Off the Map" collection)

£245.00 GBP

Made from a 1974 Ordnance Survey map of Llŷn Peninsula, this unique paper sculpture will make an elegant present for anyone who loves the Llŷn Peninsula in Wales!

Making this paper form involved hand-cutting strips, folding each one lengthways, and bias-plaiting them in a traditional technique used worldwide, from Scandinavian birch-bark baskets to Caribbean coconut-palm hats. 

The resulting piece highlights the shorelines, and the contours of the land. There are glimpses of place names, of roads and rivers, and in some areas the sea holds sway over the land. 

A one-off handmade piece.

Ordnance Survey map; bias plait

22cm x 22cm x 10cm

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All photos by Annie MacDonald, AIM Photography.

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